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CMT Orange Chrome 10” Carbide Heavy Duty Glue Joint Rip Saw Blade, 30 Teeth, Triple Chip Grind (TCG) 0.126” Kerf 203.630.10

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SKU 203.630.10

This saw blade is part of the CMT Industrial Orange Chrome/Xtreme premium line of blades. This is one of CMTs highest performing saw blades and designed for professional woodworkers who require high precision and durability. The special chrome carbide reduces tooth abrasion and the chrome plated body protects against rust, corrosion and guarantees long-lasting performance. This blade is designed to be run all day and can cut wood, plywood, OSB, laminate. Melamine, moldings and MDF. The steel plate is laser cut from 46-48 HRC precision German steel to very tight tolerances ensuring longer life and more accurate cuts. The cutting teeth are made from a specially formulated chromium micrograin carbide which stays sharper longer by reducing cutting edge abrasion, improving cut quality and tool life. Each tooth is precision ground on a multi-axis CNC machine creating perfect edge angles and guaranteeing extra-clean cuts and extended life. The Silver-Copper-Silver tri-metal brazing process used to attach the teeth to the saw plate lets the teeth withstand severe impact when cutting harder wood and composite material.  The saw plate is coated with a chrome layer to protect against corrosion and rust, guaranteeing longer tool life. The laser cut heat expansion slots are engineered to allow the blade to expand when heat build-up occurs from use, preventing blade warping. Slots filled with polyurethane reduce vibrations and noise (25% less than standard saw blades) improving cut quality and extending blade life.

Model number: 203.630.10

Applications:  for heavy-duty glue line rip cuts with exceptional finish.

Machines: radial arm saws, miter saws, table and special saws.

Material: soft and hardwoods

Finish quality: “Excellent” for ripping wood and plywood 

Size: 10”

Bore: 5/8”

Teeth: 30

Grind: Triple Chip Grind (TCG)  -perfect for aggressive ripping while leaving an excellent finish 

Kerf: 0.126”

Plate thickness: 0.87”

Tooth hook angle: 12 degrees-perfect for aggressive ripping of hard and soft wood

Teeth height mm 8
Hardness (HV10) 1.870
Transverse rupture strength (N/mm2) 2.200


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