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Easy Wood Tools Mini Easy Hollowers Negative Rake Cutters

SKU 6501

Easy Wood Tools carbide insert Mini Hollowing Tools are the newest addition to the already exhaustive line of replaceable carbide insert tools offered by Easy Wood Tools. Mini Hollowers are the perfect tools for making small and delicate ornaments and hollow forms. They allow easy access to areas inside an entrance hole as small as 3/8" in diameter. These tools have 12" long hard Maple handles with overall lengths of 15-1/4". CNC machined stainless steel toolbars are 5/16" square with rounded corners and range in length from 2-3/4" to 3-1/4". Installed negative rake cutters have been shown to reduce “grabs” and produce a better finished surface on man-made materials, hard exotics and end-grain. The #1 Straight Mini Hollower is used to establish the initial hole, begin hollowing the vessel and remove material toward the bottom and sides of the vessel. The #2 45 Degree Mini Hollower is used to create the inside rim by removing material under the entrance hole and to establish the finished side wall thickness. The #3 90 Degree Mini Hollower is used to reach difficult areas inside the entrance hole not accessible with the #2 45 Degree Mini Hollower. Using all 3 tools together in a project will allow creation of an unlimited variety of complex and delicate small hollow forms. Each tool comes equipped with a Ci5 3/8” diameter negative rake replaceable carbide cutter. Negative rake cutters have been shown to reduce “grabs” and produce a better finished surface on made-made materials, hard exotics and end grain. As always, all Easy Wood Tools are 100% made in the USA. Tools are available individually or in a three (3) piece set. The 3-piece set come in a velvet lined, lidded, solid wood gift box.

Item # Tool
6501 #1 Straight
6502 #2 45 Degrees
6503 #3 90 Degrees

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