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Robert Sorby TurnMaster Titanium Nitride Coated HSS Cutters

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These cutters come in 7 different profiles. They are made from M2 High Speed Steel and plasma bonded coated with Titanium Nitride (TiN). The result is a superior finish on your turning projects and less need for sanding. The TiN coating enhances the cutting life close to that of carbide. These can easily be sharpened on traditional sharpening machines such as bench grinders or on the Robert Sorby ProEdge. Sharpens to a finer edge than HSS-0.15 - 0.2 microns. Rockwell 85 RC.

Round Cutter (RSTM-GT1): A general purpose cutter used for rapid removal of material both inside and outside of bowls and hollow forms – works equally efficiently on spindle work. In shear scraping mode it will produce an extremely fine finish requiring little or no sanding.

Detail Point Cutter (RSTM-GT2): Contrary to its description this cutter is the first choice when roughing square to round both quickly and safely when turning between centers (spindle work) Also extremely useful for creating fine detail on spindle and bowl work.

Square Cutter (RSTM-GT3): used for generating square shoulders on tenons where a turned part is to be assembled in to a hole. This cutter is useful on the outside of a round form as well as long straight sections on spindle work. A superior finish can be achieved by making your final cuts in shear scraping mode.

French Curve (RSTM-GT4): This cutter is ideal for scraping or shear scraping inside forms. Ideally suited for that finishing cut on egg cups, goblets and round bottomed boxes.

Dovetail / box (RSTM-GT5): This cutter is designed to create parallel side walls and 90-degree corners in boxes.

Teardrop Inside / Outside (RSTM-GT6): Use the straight side for scraping and shear scraping outside forms. The curved edge is excellent for scraping and shear scraping inside forms.

Mushroom (RSTM-GT7): As the name suggests this cutter is designed for undercutting mushroom shapes but is also ideal for hollowing out small forms.

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