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Drill Press Sanding Discs 1/4" Arbor

SKU DrillPressSandingDisc5in

*The Chisel Sharpening Jig Plan and Sharpening System Manual will be sent directly to your email after purchasing the Sharpening System.

These drill press sanding discs allow you to perform a host of sanding, grinding and sharpening tasks at the drill press thus eliminating the need for expensive bench grinders or belt sanders. 

The arbor includes 2 extra wide washers that can sandwich the disc from both sides insuring smooth balanced operation. You can also countersink the acrylic discs on one side so the 1/4-20 countersink screws sit flush with the bottom. Note: the acrylic discs do not come pre-countersunk.

Shank is 1/4” diameter. Outside diameter of the arbor is 3/4” with an overall length of 2-3/8”. 

Discs are 1/4” thick cast acrylic and come in two diameters: 5” and 6’. Both have a 1/4” center hole. The outside edge is somewhat rough from CNC machining so will need to be smoothed before attaching any sanding discs.  

The sanding discs we recommend are the 3M Cubitron 775L Stikit PSA film back discs. They are the fastest cutting and longest lasting sanding discs on the planet. They have a film Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) backing that is nearly indestructible that sticks well to the acrylic but is easily removed and leaves no residue.  Sanding discs come in both 5” and 6” diameter and in grits from 80 to 400. See our selection of discs HERE.


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