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Thomas Finn PAX 1776 10" Variable Pitch Dovetail Saw 10-20 TPI

by PAX
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This Pax 1776 Dovetail saw is Thomas Flinn’s finest saw and a must have for all woodworking enthusiasts. It is made by Thomas Flinn of Sheffield, England, that last traditional saw and plane maker in the UK. The 10" long by 2" deep blade has variable pitch teeth starting at 20 TPI and gradually getting larger to 10 TPI at the end of the blade. This tooth configuration allows easy starting of cuts and faster cuts due to the coarser teeth towards the end of the blade. Teeth are filed for rip cutting. The traditional open pistol grip handle is hand finished hard Maple, with Danish oil, for ultimate comfort and control. Back is rolled solid brass. The heavy folded brass back keeps blade under tension offering excellent rigidity and balance. The weight of the brass back also aids the fine cutting ability of this saw. Split screws and caps are solid brass. Saw plate is 0.022" thick with just 0.002" set per side for a smooth and controlled cut. Each saw is hand sharpened and tested before leaving the factory. Saw weighs in at 16 ounces.

Prop 65WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -