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Narex Spoon Carving Kit with Large and Small Right Hook Knives and Sloyd Carving Knife (869850)

by Narex
SKU 869850

This spoon-carving set contains everything needed to start carving spoons, spatulas and small bowls. This 3 piece professional spoon carving set is made by Narex Bystrice a highly respected edge tool manufacturer from the Czech Republic. All edge tools are made from the same high-quality Manganese steel as their other award-winning chisels. The set contains two right hand hook knives, one with a smaller 1/2" radius for rapid material removal and one with a 1-1/4" radius for finish cuts. The hook knife blades are 11/16" wide and a full 1/8" thick. Overall lenghts are 6-1/2" to 7". These hook knives are used to scoop out the convex surface from spoons or bowls. These blade characteristics facilitate smooth and chatter-free cuts. The set also includes a traditional Scandinavian Sloyd carving knife with a 2-1/4" long by 1/2" wide blade. The curved cutting edge will slice through soft and hardwoods alike. The sharp, thin tip is perfect for executing fine details and working in tight spaces. All tools come razor sharp and ready to use. All tools come with European beech handles with an oval cross section that facilaites improved grip leading to added control. Set comes with a limewood spoon blank.

Prop 65WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -