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iGaging 4" and 6" 4R Double Squares with Starrett Card

by iGaging
SKU 34-244-S, 34-266, SC

iGaging Double Squares

Set includes two machinist double squares. The blades are hardened and tempered. All four edges are precision ground. The graduation markings are precision photo-etched that are black filled for long life and easy readability. These blades have a satin chrome finish that produces a non-glare surface for easy reading and rust resistance. Angular accuracy is guaranteed to 0.0008 per inch (that's 8 ten thousandths of an inch).

Graduations: 4R (1/8", 1/16", 1/32", 1/64")

4" 6"
Item #
34-244-S 34-266-S
Head Size 2" 3-3/4"

Starrett Card

Allows quick, accurate and on the spot conversions without the use of a calculator. Always keep one in your pocket so you can make important conversions on the spot and get back to work! Converts: drill sizes (numbers) to fractions, drill sizes (numbers) to decimals, drill sizes (numbers), fractions, and decimal equivalents to taps sizes.  The 3" x 5" laminated cards easily fit into an apron or shirt pocket.

Prop 65WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -