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Easy Wood Tools Mid-Size: Rougher, Finisher, Detailer; Parting Tool, 4 Cutters

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This is the Ultimate starter set of Mid-Size Easy Wood Tools. These tools address fatigue, safety, and efficiency like no other lathe tool on the market. Designed to be kept flat on the tool rest, level to the floor and pushed straight into your work, these tools will effortlessly hog away massive amounts of wood. No intimidating cutting angles to learn and remember. Tools cut left, right and straight in without changing the approach angle. This simple approach to turning allows you to learn and master woodturning in no time. All tools have super hard Maple handles and solid CNC machined stainless steel tool bars. The proprietary carbide cutters are specially designed with the optimal grind, geometry and grade of carbide to excel at woodturning. The cutters included in the set are the Ci2-R2 (2" radius), Ci2-SQ (no radius), Ci3 (round), and Ci4 (diamond). These carbide cutters have multiple sharp sides and are easily rotated to expose new sharp edges. You will never need to stop turning and sharpen again! Set comes with a handy carbide insert storage container to keep your extra cutters safe and organized when not in use. All Easy Wood Tool are 100% designed and manufactured in the USA. Set includes the following tools:

Item # Tool
2200 Mid-Size Rougher
6300 Mid-Size Finisher
7300 Mid-Size Detailer
PT125 1/8" Easy Parting Tool
2500 Ci2-SQ Genuine EWT Carbide Cutter
2600 Ci2-R2 Genuine EWT Carbide Cutter
6400 Ci3 Genuine EWT Carbide Cutter
7400 Ci4 Genuine EWT Carbide Cutter

Prop 65WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -