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Easy Wood Tools 1/8" Easy Parting Tool - Unhandled

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This unhandled version of the Easy Wood Tools 1/8" carbide parting tool is made from stainless steel and precision CNC machined. It accepts an Easy Wood Tools proprietary Pi1 cutter. Comes with extra cutter and insertion tool. Never sharpen again! Just replace cutter when dull. These cutters stay sharp much longer that steel. Years ago, most turning tools came without handles, leaving turners to fashion their own to their specific needs. This made perfect sense as who better suited to make a wood handle than a wood turner. Turners were able to make handles that better fit their hands, were designed for the task at hand and that used whatever wood was readily available. Easy Wood Tools offers the majority of their tools in unhandled versions to allow turners the flexibility to turn their own custom handles. These unhandled tool bars are the exact same as the ones in their handled tools.

Usable Length: 6-1/8"

Tang Length: 1-7/8"

Tang Diameter: 3/8"

Blade Width: 3/32"

Blade Length: 3"

Total Length: 8"

Prop 65WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -