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Crown Tools Scraper Burnisher & 2 Piece Arno Rectangular Cabinet Scraper Set

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This is a set consisting of a Crown cabinet scraper burnisher and a 2 piece set of Arno rectangular cabinet scrapers.

BURNISHER: This is made in Sheffield England and has a beautifully turned genuine Rosewood handle, brass ferrule and highly polished high carbon steel rod. The Indian rosewood comes from managed forests. Overall length is 11-1/2". A burnisher is an indispensable tool used to turn the thin burr on cabinet scrapers that makes them operate effectively.

SCRAPERS: Most scrapers available today are made from spring steel and are hardened to 38-42 HRc on the Rockwell hardness scale. These scrapers are made from French spring steel and are hardened to 48-52 HRc. This specification gives excellent edge retention while still allowing the “spring” or “flex” in the blade which gives the user control of the tool. These rectangular scrapers are the standard rectangular shape for scraping flat surfaces and their corners may be used for cleaning out tight spaces. These scrapers are sharpened by polishing the square edges and then drawing out a fine hook with a hardened burnisher. They are 50mm (2") x 140mm (5.5") and are 0.4mm (0.15”) thick offering perfect flex and control.

Prop 65WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -