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7 Piece Wiggler and Edge Finder Set 466156

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This 7 piece Taytools Wiggler / Edge Finder set is useful for numerous metal working applications. The Wiggler comes with a chuck and 4 attachments. Each attachment is snapped into the chuck without the need to remove the collet nut and are clamped in place by the ball nut permitting adjustment to true concentricity or angular position. Set also include 2 edge and center finders. The Wiggler chuck shank diameter is 0.37". Ball diameters are 0.31". Wiggler is made from hardened allow tool steel. The Pointed attachment is used to locate working centers. The spring tension of the ball of the point allows guiding the point to true concentricity to enable the work piece to be brought in perfect alignment with machine spindle. The Ball attachment is useful for locating the work by bringing first the contact ball against the work and then indexing the work to the required position relative to the spindle. The Small Disc attachment has a diameter of 0.1" at one end and is used in confined areas such as shallow holes or in slots. The Offset attachment is used or checking runout and for concentricity as well as center distances, straightness or alignment of flat surfaces. Edge/center finders are made from hardened tool steel. Set includes one edge/center finder with 0.375" shaft with cone and 0.2" tip and one with 0.25" shaft and 0.2" tip. Overall length of both center finders is 3 inches.

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