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123 Block Attachment Hardware Kit

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123 Blocks are a common accessory found in nearly every machine shop machine shop and are useful for numerous work support, set up and inspection tasks. 123 Blocks are even becoming more coming on woodworking and DIY shops. What makes 123 block so useful is they’re made from hardened steel and precisely ground (within 0.0002”) to 1” x 2” x 3” with all sides being square to each other. Many inexpensive 123 Blocks contain numerous holes allowing them to be bolted together to increase their usefulness. Several problems arise when attempting to join several blocks together: 1) the holes in the sides and faces are not the same distance from the edge and when different faces are bolted together these are steps or offsets, and 2) using readily available bolts and nuts will leave hardware proud of the block’s  surface interfering with the task at hand.

This 123 Block Attachment Hardware Kits addresses the above bolting limitations. This hardware allows joining blocks together with all hardware buried within the blocks. The hardware is also slightly smaller than the holes allowing edges and faces to be joined together with faces being flush with each other.

This hardware kits contains the following parts: two each 7/8” long by 5/16” diameter 8-32 threaded dowels, two each 7/8” long by 5/16” diameter through hole dowels that fit 8-32 bolts, two each of the following length 8-32 Allen Head Cap Screws 1-1/2”, 2” and 2-1/2”,  9/64” hex key and a small flat screwdriver tip.

To use, insert a through hole dowel into a block hole and thread a screw through the hole. Next insert a threaded dowel into a hole in another block and screw and tighten the screw t into this nut to secure two blocks together. Each dowel has a straight screwdriver slot in line with the hole to assist in getting the dowels perfectly lined up to accept the bolts.  The included screwdriver tip can be inserted in the slot to help in getting the dowels lined up to accept screws.  

Using this hardware allows two blocks to be attached to each other in literally every possible configuration.

Comes in telescoping plastic storage tube. 

Patent pending. 

See the hardware in action HERE.

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