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5mm Shelf Pin Jig Drill Bit Spring Loaded

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This 5mm shelf pin bit is designed to be used with commercial or custom shelf pin jigs. Shelf pin jigs drill accurately spaced and offset holes on cabinet and furniture components. This bit is designed to work with any jig with 3/8" guide holes. The tip is free to spin, so will not wear out guide holes. The tip is spring loaded to easily self-eject the bit from holes. It will fit any power drill or 1/4" quick-change drill chuck. The precision ground 1/4" high speed steel (HSS) brad point bit will drill clean and splinter-free holes in soft and hardwoods. The bit depth is adjustable via Allen screw. Can be easily opened for cleaning. Bit can be used on Taytools Shelf Pins jigs or with custom-made jigs.

Prop 65WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -