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Tools > Blemished / Cosmetic Seconds

This section contains precision measuring instruments made by Products Engineering Corporation (PEC) that contain some sort of blemish (blem) or cosmetic imperfection. These items are 100% manufactured in the USA by Products Engineering Corporation (PEC Tools), one of the last US precision measuring tool manufacturing companies. PEC quality standards are quite high. These items did not meet these high standards and are now for sale at deep discounts. Most have scratches, discoloration or other blemishes. We guarantee the accuracy of each tool and that each will function as a precision measuring tool. So instead of recycling the steel, you can own a premier tool with a “mistake” at a fraction of retail cost.

Blem Squares
Blem Replacement Square Blades
Blem Rulers Gauges
Combination Squares Double Squares Replacement Square Blades Rulers Gauges