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Double Stick Tape Paper Backing Natural Rubber/Resin Adhesive 36 Yard Roll

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Original price $12.99
$12.99 - $216.99
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SKU 26001

Finally, a double-sided tape that is perfect for the professional machinist, woodworker, crafts-person or DIYer. Don’t waste your money on big box store carpet tapes or substandard double-stick tapes. This double-stick tape is the perfect choice when making temporary jigs and fixtures, template routing, gang machining of parts, attaching turnings to faceplates, CNC machining, or anytime you want to securely attach parts together that will need to be removed later.

The following qualities make this the perfect double-sided tape:

1) Unlike most film or cloth tapes, it tears easily by hand without the need to find scissors or a knife

2) The paper backing can be easily removed with a fingernail or knife

3) The natural rubber adhesive tacks and holds when other adhesives won’t. The natural rubber/resin adhesive creates a strong bond between nearly any material with just firm hand pressure. For a much stronger bond, apply a clamp for a few seconds.

4) Once stuck, the high shear resistant adhesive will not allow lateral movement. This is especially important when securing jigs or holding templates to workpieces

5) The 7.0 mil backing is the prefect thickness, not too thick or thin,  to conform and bond irregular and porous surfaces such as wood

6) The easy-release adhesive will not pull wood fibers away in the process of removal

7) Once removed, the residue-free adhesive will not leave a residue or film on delicate workpieces.


1) Carrier/Backing: bleached flatback paper

2) Adhesive: natural rubber/resin

3) Release liner: white crepe paper

4) Thickness: 10.4 mils (carrier, adhesive, liner) 6 mils (carrier, adhesive) 5 mils (liner)

5) Adhesion: 47 ounces per inch of width (to stainless steel test panel)

6) Tensile Strength: 23 pounds per inch of width (longitudinal)

7) Service/Operating Temperature: up to 200°F

8) Elongation: 8.5%

9) Roll Core: 3" diameter

10) Length: 33 meters, 36 yards or 108 feet 

Note that tape rolls are NOT guaranteed to be splice-free.