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2 Piece 3" x 10" Leather Strop Kit with 1.2oz Chromium Oxide 0.5 Micron Polishing Compound Bar

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TWO PIECE LEATHER STROP SET: A strop is the premier tool for putting the final edge on knives and other edge tools. A strop will put a wicked sharp edge on tools after sharpening on your finest grit stone. Make your own custom strop using this 2-piece French leather strop kit. Affix to a board for a traditional strop or wrap around dowels to sharpen carving or lathe tools. Set comes with one piece suede and one piece smooth leather. The suede piece is gold colored split leather, slightly tufted and the perfect leather to be charged with honing paste. The smooth piece is brown prime leather that is extra smooth and excellent for final sharpening. The smooth piece can be used with or without honing paste. Sizes are 10" by 3", the perfect size for strops.

GREEN CHROMIUM OXIDE MICRO FINE POLISHING COMPOUND: This Micro Fine Chromium Oxide polishing compound is specially designed for use with leather strops to put a Scary Sharp™, polished, mirror-edge on knives, carving chisels and woodworking tools. Rather than removing metal, stropping with chromium oxide compound, polishes and refines the cutting edge. The waxy consistency allows it to adhere well to any substrate without powdering. Simply rub the bar evenly on the surface like a crayon. A little goes a very long way, so this small bar will last for a very long time. After applying compound to a strop, polish your knives and blades to a mirror, razor sharp finish. To achieve the best possible edge, finish honing by polishing your edge on raw leather. This compound is micro fine with a 0.5 micron particle size and will produce an edge equivalent to 60,000 grit. Chromium Oxide (Cr2O3) is a superfine, polycrystalline abrasive, it is the mineral that gives green polishing compound its color.

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