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3M™ Individual Sheets Diamond Lapping / Microfinishing Film PSA

by 3M™

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These 3M™ diamond microfinishing lapping sheets were developed for the electronic industry but are the perfect solution to flat lapping, polishing or sharpening just about anything. These diamond sheets contain carefully graded monocrystalline diamond particles electrostatically coated onto a high strength polyester film backing. This super-fast cutting, long-lasting, water resistant abrasive provides precise, consistent, close tolerance finishes, but really excel when used on harder materials such as hardened steel, carbide or gemstones. This diamond film is the most aggressive polishing or sharpening media available and will cut up to twice as fast as aluminum oxide or silicon carbide films. The diamond particles have superior fracture resistance and will outlast other lapping and sharpening media by up to two times. They are available in a wide range of precise micron grades from 0.1 micron (200,000 grit) to 125 micron (120 grit) to meet any sharpening or polishing need. They can be affixed to a hard, flat surface (usually thick float glass) and used to get a Scary Sharp™ edge on wood chisels or plane irons. They can be wrapped around contoured sticks and used to sharpen carving tools. They can put a wicked sharp edge on all kinds of knives. They can be used to sharpen carbide cutting tools. They can also be used to put a fine polish on jewelry or gemstones. These sheets are PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) backed. Grades from 0.1 to 30 micron have a 3 mil backing and grades 45 to 125 have a much thicker 5 mil backing. The high-strength polyester film backing is less likely to tear than traditional wet or dry sandpaper. When affixing to a substrate make sure to fully clean the surface as any debris will create a bump and expose the film to being sliced. They can be used dry but using wet with water or light oil as a lubricant to carry away the swarf is preferred as this minimizes loading and prolongs the life of the abrasive.

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