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Colt & Riss Tools TwinLand Brad Point Drill Bits Metric

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Colt and RISS Tools were manufacturers of high-quality boring bits with facilities in Germany and France. They made the popular MaxiCut and Ecocut forstner bits and Twinland brad point bits. Colt and Riss recently closed its doors and liquidated its inventory. We acquired a portion of this inventory and are offering it for a fraction of the list price. Quantities are limited to stock on hand. 

The Colt and Riss "TwinLand" line of brad-point drill bits offer a high-quality, yet economical, alternative to the more costly brad point bits. Upon close inspection these bits have a slight relief milled in the land (flat area between the flutes) to create 4 lands rather than 2. This "TwinLand" design has two major advantages over other conventional bits. The two closely spaced lands of the "TwinLand" bits clear chips more effectively, keeping chips from clogging the lands and generating friction which can burn the hole. The second advantage is that the two lands offer more support to the sides of the bit, allowing the bit to drill straighter even with a hand-held drill. The flutes are roll forged and the cutting tips have been diamond ground to stay sharper and last longer. Ideal for boring holes in softwoods, hardwoods, exotic woods, veneers, and laminated wood. Bits have 3/8" or smaller shanks. Fits all 3/8-Inch and larger drill chucks. Made in France.

Prop 65 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -